Mark Plaugher

Mark Plaugher

Acting ISG Group Director at CMS

Mark brings over 25 years of IT experience in large scale enterprise environments.  He spent the last two decades in direct support of CMS, in both the private sector and as a CMS employee.  In the private sector, he held multiple leadership roles, including managing the delivery of IT services for the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine’s Departments of Genetics and Pediatrics, where he was able to experience the effects of technology at the point of care. While at Lockheed Martin, Mark served as a Senior Manager responsible for all facets of IT operations of the Baltimore Data Center during a time of rapid growth after the passage of the Medicare Modernization Act. 

Mark began his CMS career as a Division Director in the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and was responsible for infrastructure implementations.  His division successfully maintained a portfolio of over 75 active projects.  He later served as the Director of Data Center Operations Management where he was responsible for operations and security of all OIT hosted data centers. 

Mark came to CCSQ/ISG in March of 2014 and worked as a Senior Technical Advisor.  He quickly integrated with ISG by taking a leadership role in multiple governance bodies and served as the lead on several key projects.  In 2015, Mark became the Deputy Group Director of ISG where he and Steve Davidson partnered to put ISG on the current path. 

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