Sean Michaels

Sean Michaels

Associate Vice President, IT Project Management, Business Relationship Management, IT Process Optimization, & Technology Business Management at Orlando Health

Sean Michaels is a proud father of three and a seasoned healthcare executive with over 27 years of experience spanning healthcare, technology, informatics, and project management. Educated with a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Executive Leadership and an MBA in Healthcare Administration, his career has encompassed roles in diverse settings, including military, acute care, and post-acute care environments. Additionally, Sean has overseen various large-scale technology implementations, making him a strong fit for any rapidly evolving IT landscape. Sean most recently served as the CNIO (Chief Nursing Informatics Officer) and VP Operations & Service Delivery at Health First, Inc. He had the privilege of being part of some truly transformational projects, such as EMR/EHR implementations across the nation. Yet, he'll tell you that his certificates—like CPHIMS, CHCIO, and CDH-E—are not badges but reminders of the diverse community he serves.

What genuinely excites Sean isn't just technological innovation or strategic wins; it's people. Specifically, it's about creating a work environment where everyone—from nurses to engineers—feel engaged and aligned with broader goals. Sean has led several initiatives aimed at team engagement, not because it's trendy but because he believes in the power of a unified team to bring about meaningful change. This is what sets Sean apart is his intentional focus on organizational culture. He’s not just about the 'what' but also the 'how' and 'why,' and that means nurturing teams that aren’t just skilled but are deeply engaged. He aligns corporate values with concrete strategic goals, making transformation not just a buzzword but a tangible result.

His leadership was instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic, where he spearheaded technological and clinical workflow processes supporting vaccination efforts that scaled on demand. Sean’s military service in the U.S. Army Reserves has significantly influenced his management style, bringing a blend of discipline, resilience, and focused leadership to his teams.

As a thought leader in healthcare, Sean frequently speaks at conferences, panels, and committees, bridging the gap between clinical and IT roles in healthcare. He actively participates in professional organizations like CHiME and HIMSS. Whether it's mentoring future healthcare leaders or driving transformational projects, Sean embodies the unique blend of clinical expertise and technological innovation that is helping to shape a future in healthcare that we can all be proud of Orlando Health.

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