Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Job Search

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Wednesday, March 13 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Location: W110A

Event Information

Type: Other Educational Events

Session ID: WFC-8

Title: Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Job Search

Description: Make the most of today’s technology and leverage modern AI tools like ChatGPT for mock interviews with a career coach and authentically highlight your distinct background and abilities to differentiate yourself from others. Refine your resume to emphasize your qualifications for each position and prepare customized responses to expected interview questions. Send appreciative follow-up notes after interviews and conduct market research for typical pay for the role so you can negotiate a fair salary if offered the job. Make full use of these modern technologies and best practices when job hunting to set yourself apart from other applicants.

Level: Introductory

Learning Objective #1: Identify AI tools and techniques to sharpen your interview skills with a coach and highlight your specific experiences to stand out 

Learning Objective #2: Construct tailored responses to likely interview questions and optimize your resume for each application 

Learning Objective #3: Differentiate yourself from others and send thoughtful follow-up notes after interviews 

Learning Objective #4: Research typical pay ranges for the position so you can negotiate fairly if offered the job, advocating for compensation aligned with your experience and value 


Continuing Education Credits

  • CAHIMS – 0.75 Credit(s)
  • CPD UK – 0.75 Credit(s)
  • CPHIMS – 0.75 Credit(s)

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    • Professional Development


    • Early Careerist
    • IT Professional
    • Student