End the Questionnaires! Simplifying the TPRM Process

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Wednesday, March 13 11:45 AM - 12:05 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Type: Exhibit Floor Speaking Session

Session ID: CS20

Title: End the Questionnaires! Simplifying the TPRM Process

Description: The current landscape of lengthy, time-consuming, and ineffective security questionnaires does very little to manage risk and continues to frustrate both sides of the healthcare contract. And yet, the TPRM industry has not evolved in any meaningful way in years.

A true TPRM solution should be a two-way street that mutually serves healthcare vendors and buyers, enables collaboration, and truly manages risk. Come hear about a new sustainable approach to manage third party risk that actually lives up to these promises.

Healthcare buyers are assembling on this platform to assess against a uniform, assurance-based framework that asks for a few artifacts rather than hundreds of control questions. Vendors are building profiles for their organization and products to achieve a TSA-Precheck style clearance that demonstrates the artifacts they're being asked to assemble ahead of time for proactive preparedness and immediate sharing. And both parties making use of data that has already been shared at another point in the TPRM process speeds things up for all parties.  

Combining this methodology and preponderance of data with technology that translates a vendor’s security input into meaningful output that maps to nearly any framework means that tomorrow's vision of ending security questionnaire chaos is becoming reality today.





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