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Originally Aired - Friday, March 15 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Type: General Education

Session ID: 257

Title: Friday AM Keynote

Description: This two-part session will feature critical conversations on practical applications for AI in Healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare: Addressing Legal and Operational Risks with Current Best Practices (Part 1)

Speakers: Michael Ruggio, Partner, Taylor English Duma LLP; Mitzi Hill, Partner, Taylor English Duma LLP

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a topic of both optimism and concern in recent years. While some influencers predict sunny days ahead with AI, others are more skeptical. However, healthcare organizations can increase the likelihood of a positive experience with AI platforms by understanding the inherent risks, so they can effectively navigate these challenges with a clear plan. The speakers will shed light on best practices to address these legal and sometimes operational challenges that AI systems bring to patient care, patient communications, internal policies and training, supply chain management, and reimbursement.


Exploiting Trust with Technology: The Human Element of Security (Part 2)

Speaker: Rachel Tobac, Chief Executive Officer, SocialProof Security

Security protocols are often built on trust and trust is exploited by attackers—like our keynote. From email to phone communications, attackers study how to insert themselves within your trusted circles and protocols to leverage that trust against you. During this session, the speaker dives into the anatomy of trust exploitation in real world social engineering attacks, walks through step-by-step examples of attacks that happened during COVID-19, and identifies the steps you can take to protect their data, money, security and privacy from real world attackers, even during a global crisis.   




Data & Information

  • Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Security


  • CIO/CTO/CTIO/Senior IT
  • IT Professional